Doreen Seward

I began painting after taking early retirement, with no formal art training.  I was a total beginner and had everything to learn.  I am still on a steep learning curve and it is an exciting journey.

I work in pastels and I am attracted to their versatility and the immediacy of the medium.

I participate in group and solo exhibitions.  My work now hangs in the UK, South Korea, Japan, New Zealand and Tasmania.

Colour and the quality of light inspire me, especially at dawn and dusk.  Landscapes and trees are my particular inspiration, as are the Norfolk Broads.  Here I found an area of “wide landscapes and magnificent sunsets, of high skies and awesome dawns, a land with a dignity and beauty of its own, of silences that are more potent than words”

Tranquility is the hallmark of my work.  In a world that finds peace difficult to achieve and is unsure how to handle silence, I hear “the still small voice of calm” and seek to share this in my paintings with others.


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