Monthly challenge April 2023

Our challenge for April was a Café Scene and the winner is Barbara Stevens with her painting Café Moka. Margaret Eggleton is in 2nd place, and Dave Tribe is in 3rd place. Congratulations to all.

The winning picture

4: Café Moka / Medium: Acrylic/ Barbara Stevebs

Second place

1: Café du Soleil / Medium: Oil / Margaret Eggleton

Third place

2: Café in Leon / Medium: Oil / Dave Tribe


3: The Takeaway / Medium: Acrylic / John Fury
5: A Trouble Shared / Medium: Acrylic / Ranie Ajula
6: Midday lunch at Nyman’s café, Nat. Trust / Medium: Oil / Gina Grimwood
7: Breakfast at The Wolesley / Medium: Acrylic / Maureen Jones
8: A Tiny Shot of Espresso / Medium: Acrylic / Sophie Knight-Crow
9: The French Table / Medium: Oil / Peter Rossington
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