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Evening meetings: 7.30 pm Most of the meetings are ZOOM meetings for which there is no charge. The meetings at Bourne Hall are in the Main Hall (downstairs). They are for members only (cost £2). Tea and coffee are provided. Free if you bring your own mug or 50p for a paper cup.

2021 6 Jan

Venue Zoom

Rosie Casselden

Workshop – seascape using acrylic paint

13 Jan


Dave Tribe


27 Jan


Talk: TAKE 6 INTERIORS – inspired by lockdown, having to spend more time indoors

3 Feb


Rosie Casselden

Workshop: Under the sea. Acrylic on canvas 20×50 or smaller (not square)

Brushes: Large flat, smaller flat, rigger, painting knife. Paints: Your choice, but avoid cobalt colours and ultramarine. I used Process cyan, Indigo, Phthalo green, Prussian blue and white for the sea. Coral – Orange, Cadmium yellow, Burnt umber. Fish – mix of these colours + fluorescent pink. Texture: kitchen paper, lentils, anything that can create an uneven surface, PVA glue. Hairdryer, a white pencil or piece of chalk.

10 Feb


Demonstration of Cafes and Street Life in Oils

24 Feb


Lecture, International Art

3 Mar


Painting lesson /paint along. Subject: perspective and buildings

10 Mar


Demonstration landscape in acrylic

Any programme queries, comments or suggestions for new speakers, please contact our programme secretary.

Previous month’s and year’s programmes are available from our publicity secretary.

ZOOM Meetings (based on notes kindly provided by Gabriel Chanan)

  1. It works best if you download the free version of zoom beforehand – just google ‘zoom’ and follow instructions.
  2. It works best on a laptop or tablet because you can see the pictures better and it is less tiring, but you can get it on a smartphone.
  3. You will receive the link just at the start time. You simply click on it and then wait to be ‘admitted’.
  4. The first ten minutes will be for checking how it works and for your announcements.
  5. Total time will be 90 minutes, with a ten-minute break at half time.
  6. There will be at least two points where you can ask questions and discuss.
  7. You can leave at any point (but we hope you will not want to!).

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