About us

We meet at Bourne Hall for demos, lectures and appraisals on Wednesday evenings, from 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm.

Exhibitions are typically held two or three times a year.  There is a charge for hanging a picture in an exhibition and if you sell your masterpiece then commission will be taken by the group.

Our membership year begins 1st April and the membership fee is currently £58 for the year.  Each visit to any meeting costs £2.  You can come as a visitor for a few sessions at the cost of £5 per session.

Members are entitled to their own gallery page on this website.  This costs £6 pa, payable on 1st April.  If you’d like to sign up for a page, please contact the membership secretary.

(New members who join at other times in the year pay a pro-rata membership fee based on remaining months, including the whole of the month in which they join. However, there is no reduction in the gallery page fee if you ask us to set up a gallery page mid-year.)

Committee members
Secretary Colin Garrod colin.eeag@gmail.com
Treasurer John Lucking john.lucking@outlook.com
Programme Secretary Bev Lourenco bevlourenco@gmail.com
Membership Secretary Richard Seymour epsomandewellartgroup1948@gmail.com
Publicity Secretary Richard Seymour epsomandewellartgroup1948@gmail.com
Exhibition Secretary Ingeborg Neale ingeborgneale@hotmail.com
Other contacts
Website editors Barbara Stevens barbara.mrsnugget@gmail.com
John Lucking john.lucking@outlook.com
Members of Epsom and Ewell Art Group
Sam Atfield Allen Dunkley Maureen Jones Louise Schenck
Fiona Bates Marion Eastwood Pamela Joss Doreen Seward
Malcolm Beakhust Robert Ebert Edna Kyriakides Richard Seymour
Kyle Bell Margaret Eggleton Beverly Lourenco Linda Shobbrook
Linda Bingham George Foxwell John Lucking Lorna Simmonds
John Brakell John Fury Ann Miles Barbara Stevens
Derrick Buttifant Colin Garrod Ingeborg Neale Carmine Tallo
Margaret Carter Gina Grimwood Peter Newsome Pat Tilney
Paul Chapman Liz Hammond Terrese Newton Lynn Toulson
Peter Christie Tony Hands Lesley Norton David Tribe
Joyce Crouch Gillian Hein Barbara Reilly Linda Wallis
Anthony Devivo Ed Hilton Peter Rossington Jan Wood
Club history

The Club was formed in 1948 by John Holdaway for artists in the Ewell area, and initially it was called Ewell Art Group.  It was in 1958 to mark the anniversary of being granted the “Charter” to Epsom and Ewell corporation, that the council, in commemoration of the event, sponsored a special art exhibition and Epsom was added to the name of the group.

The group has had many homes in its 70 years, starting in Ruxley Lane School, then moving to a semi-permanent studio in Pitt House, Ewell that lasted for two years.  In 1960, the group moved to Fitznells Music College and was based there for ten years, but when Bourne Hall was built in 1970, it moved there and still meets there today.

The Art group also uses Glyn Hall for some of its activities, particularly the workshops and special events.  The Group started its own paper in 1969 called the “Easel” (which is now an electronic publication on our website).  In 2009, we began projecting demonstrations and appraisals onto a screen via our own camera and digital projector.

Our first website was launched in 2009 but in 2010 we moved to a better site which allowed easier access for anybody interested in the group.  Since 2012, we have an even larger site which means that each member of the art group can have their own page to display as many of their pictures as they wish and we have hyperlinks to any of the members who have their own websites.

In 2013, we opened our own Facebook page to allow anyone to have easy access to information about the group.  In 70 years, technology has moved on a long way and even painting itself has changed with some of the members using iPads and computers to create pictures, and since 2013, the group allows computer generated images to be displayed at our exhibitions.  No less creative – just different.

This may be history, but the group is very positively forward thinking and ready to meet new artistic challenges.