Resources during lockdown
Art courses
Art materials
BBC art resource
Brian Tipping competition
Guidelines for creating a .jpg of your art work for your web page
Local art clubs/groups
Use your car stickers

Resources during lockdown

While we are stuck indoors, you may like to take a look at the Drawing from Home page on The Royal Drawing School’s website.

Art courses

Art Events (Linda Bywaters)
Epsom Art Courses (Kay Mullen)
The Sculpture School

Adventures in art is run jointly by Joy Ellingham and Ann Miles (art club member). It is held at Glyn Hall on Monday afternoons from 2pm till 6pm at a subscription of £6 per week.  This is an opportunity to join a group of like-minded people and enjoy expressing your own artistic individuality.  It is a very friendly group and conversation and advice, if needed, are provided along with tea and biscuits.
If you would like to join this band of artists please contact Ann – 0208 393 9091 –

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Art materials

 Atlantis Art Materials
 Cass Art
 Daler Rowney
 Derwent Pencils
 Granthams Art Discount
 Jacksons Art Supplies
 Lawrence Art Supplies
 Pan Pastels
 Pegasus Art
 Rosemary & Co (brushes)
 Winsor & Newton

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BBC art resource

You can look at virtually every picture in the country on public display (even a couple of Dave Tribe’s) and much more:

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Brian Tipping competition

The winner of the Brian Tipping competition 2020 is John Lucking with his painting Still life with cherry blossom. Many congratulations John!

Congratulations to the three joint runners up: Margaret Eggleton (Hellebores in a pewter jug), Gina Grimwood (Chianti, Candle & Books) and Barbara Stevens (The monk).

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Hashim Akib
Jamel Akib
Marie Antoniou (Hashim Akib)
Mary-Anne Bartlett
Caroline Bays
Melanie Cambridge
Dee Cowell
Roger Dellar
Margaret Eggleton
Chris Forsey
Soraya French
Geoff Hunt
Sarah Janavicius
Alan Kirk
Sera Knight
Liz Seward
Curtis Tappenden
David Webb
Ann Wilkinson

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Steve Andrews (Leatherhead)

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Guidelines for creating a .jpg of your art work for your web page

  1. Take a photo of your painting before you frame/glaze it.
  2. Use photo software to crop your photo (if necessary) and resize it.  You are aiming for a fairly low resolution .jpg image, with a size of around 100KB, and an absolute maximum of 120KB.
  3. Rename the .jpg so that the filename is the title of your painting.  Please use the following convention:
    • Capitalise the first letter of every word in the title – this includes words such as TheAIn etc
    • Delete all spaces from the title
    • Delete any special characters eg ‘ or –

Example filenames:  HarbourView.jpg, ASunnyDayInEpsom.jpg

  1. Save the file.
  2. Attach the .jpg to an email and send it to the website editor.  If you have several images, zip them up into a folder and then attach the compressed folder to the email rather than the individual images.

To change the file name, select the .jpg, right click then select Rename from the drop-down menu, and then type your new file name.

To zip files up into a compressed folder, select the relevant files, right click then select “Send to” /  “Compressed (zipped) folder”.

There are numerous software packages available to enable you to crop/resize your pictures.  For example, you can download PhotoRazor (Windows) for free:

Please contact the website editor for any help or advice.

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Local art clubs/groups

Ashtead Art Group
Croydon Arts Society
Dorking Group of Artists
Guildford Art Society
Leatherhead Art Group
Oxshott Art and Crafts Society
Tadworth Art Group

If you know of a website that might be useful, please email details to

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Use your car stickers

There is no excuse, even if you don’t have a car! Let everyone know about our fantastic ART group.

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