Monthly challenge


October: Abstract – Barbara Reilly
September: Roots – Louise Schenck
August: Holidays – John Lucking
July: Trees – Pam Shingler
June: Sport – Dave Tribe
May: Pen & ink – Barbara Stevens
Apr: Collage – Barbara Stevens
Mar: Spring – Dave Tribe
Feb: Cooking – Barbara Reilly
Jan: Mechanical – Barbara Stevens
Dec: Christmas – Barbara Stevens
Nov: Bonfire Night – Barbara Stevens
Oct: Clouds – Peter Rossington
Sep: A portrait – Edna Kyriakides
Aug: A surreal or fantasy scene – Malcolm Beakhust
July: Food & drink – Barbara Stevens
June: Urban landscape – Barbara Stevens
May: Country landscape – Gina Grimwood
Apr: Spring – Peter Rossington and Dave Tribe
Mar: Flowers – Jennifer Waller
Feb: An imaginary or fantasy scene – Louise Schenck
Jan: A Pet – Gina Grimwood
Dec: A Winter scene – Gillian Hein
Nov: Autumn – Fiona Bates
Oct: The market – Peter Rossington
Sep: Holiday – Gillian Hein and Barbara Stevens
Aug: Favourite painting produced in Aug 2020 – Margaret Eggleton
Jul: A street scene – Gillian Hein
Jun: A view out of a window – Barbara Stevens
May: A portrait – Liz Hammond

Our challenge for November was a Coastal scene. Here are the entries. Please vote for your favourite picture using the form at the foot of the page. The voting deadline is 10pm, Wednesday 7 December.

1: Herne Bay / Medium: Collage
2: Waiting for the building inspector / Medium: Oil
3: The Old Mill, Bosham, near Chichester / Medium: Watercolour
4: Boating off Corfu / Medium: Acrylic
5: Old Leigh / Medium: Oil
6: Stumble Head Lighthouse, Fishguard / Medium: Acrylic
7: South Devon coast / Medium: Acrylic
8: November trip to the coast / Medium: Oil
9: Low tide at Leigh-on-Sea / Medium: Watercolour
10: Will there be shrimps for tea? / Medium: Oil
11: Breath of Sea Air / Medium: Acrylic
12: Tsitsikamma National Park, South Africa / Medium: Watercolour, ink & tissue paper
13: Land’s End / Medium: Acrylic
14: Looking out / Medium: Oil
15: Around The Headland / Medium: Watercolour & ink
16: South Gare / Medium: Acrylic
17: The Eastern Sea Board / Medium: Acrylic
18: Steephill Cove, Isle of Wight / Medium: Oil
19: Three Cliffs / Medium: Watercolour

Vote for your favourite picture

Just for fun

Can you guess who painted any of the pictures? Jot down names / painting number in the form below, and we’ll let you know how you did!

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