Monthly challenge

May  2020 – A portrait – winner Liz Hammond
June 2020 – A view out of a window – winner Barbara Stevens
July 2020 – A street scene – winner Gillian Hein
August 2020 – Your favourite painting or drawing you produced in August 2020 – winner Margaret Eggleton
September 2020 – Holiday – joint winners Gillian Hein and Barbara Stevens
October 2020 – The market – winner Peter Rossington

Our challenge for November was Autumn. Here are the entries. Please vote for your favourite picture using the form at the foot of the page. The voting deadline is Monday 7 December.

Voting is open to members only. Anonymous votes will be ignored.

1: Autumn at Epsom Common / Medium: Acrylic
2: Autumn at Denbies / Medium: Oil
3: Bench / Medium: Watercolour
4: Wisley Gardens Autumn / Medium: Acrylic
5: Afternoon walk in November / Medium: Acrylic
6: Roe Deer in Autumn / Medium: Watercolour & acrylic
7: A Walk in the Woods / Medium: Watermedia
8: Nonsuch, at the end of the day / Medium: Oil
9: Autumn stag / Medium: Oil
10: May find thee sitting careless on a granary floor (Ode to Autumn, John Keats)/ Medium: Acrylic
11: Ranmore / Medium: Oil
12: Bere Alston, River Tamar / Medium: Pastel
13: Harry H Hog / Medium: Watercolour
14: Autumn’s End / Medium: Watercolour
15: Autumn sunshine / Medium: Oil
16: Seeds of change / Medium: Mixed media
17: Autumn cascade / Medium: Oil
18: Autumn leaves / Medium: Watercolour
19: Autumn colours on Headley Heath / Medium: Acrylic
20: Incey Wincey amongst the blackberries / Medium: Watercolour
21: Banstead Commons / Medium: iPad

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Just for fun

Can you guess who painted any of the pictures? Jot down names / painting number in the form below, and we’ll let you know how you did!

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