Monthly challenge


Oct: Clouds – Peter Rossington
Sep: A portrait – Edna Kyriakides
Aug: A surreal or fantasy scene – Malcolm Beakhust
July: Food & drink – Barbara Stevens
June: Urban landscape – Barbara Stevens
May: Country landscape – Gina Grimwood
Apr: Spring – Peter Rossington and Dave Tribe
Mar: Flowers – Jennifer Waller
Feb: An imaginery or fantasy scene – Louise Schenck
Jan: A Pet – Gina Grimwood

Dec: A Winter scene – Gillian Hein
Nov: Autumn – Fiona Bates
Oct: The market – Peter Rossington
Sep: Holiday – Gillian Hein and Barbara Stevens
Aug: Favourite painting produced in Aug 2020 – Margaret Eggleton
Jul: A street scene – Gillian Hein
Jun: A view out of a window – Barbara Stevens
May: A portrait – Liz Hammond

November’s subject is Bonfire Night, and the deadline for entries is 10pm, Tuesday 30 November.

Please email a jpg of your entry to Barbara Stevens (subject Monthly challenge) and let her know the title of your picture and the medium. Please follow the guidelines for creating a .jpg on the Resources page.  Barbara is happy to resize/rename files if anyone has any problems.