Monthly challenge

May  2020 – A portrait – winner Liz Hammond

Our challenge for June was View out of a window.  Here are the entries.  Please vote for your favourite picture using the voting form at the foot of the page.  The voting deadline is Tuesday 7th July.

Challenge_Sash window
1: Sash window / Medium: Woodblock print
Challenge_Tulips from my window
2: Tulips from my window / Medium: Oil
Challenge_View from National Gallery
3: View from National Gallery / Medium: Oil
Challenge_Earth seen through a window from space
4: Earth seen through a window from space / Medium: Watercolour & acrylic
Challenge_The house opposite
5: The house opposite / Medium: Watercolour
Challenge_Time for a catch up
6: Time for a catch up / Medium: Acrylic
Challenge_View from a window
7: View from a window / Medium: Watercolour
Challenge_Sunflower explosion
8: Sunflower explosion / Medium: Watercolour
Challenge_A cloud of blue tits
9: A cloud of blue tits / Medium: Acrylic
Challenge_View from a garret
10: View from a garret / Medium: Oil
Challenge_Through the patio window
11: Through the patio window / Medium: Oil
Challenge_A touch of reflection
12: A touch of reflection / Medium: Oil
Challenge_Charterhouse Street
13: Charterhouse Street / Medium: Pen and ink
Challenge_Summer shadows - seen from my window
14: Summer shadows – seen from my window / Medium: Watercolour

Vote for your favourite picture

July 2020 – The subject is A street scene.  The deadline for entries is Friday 31st July.

Please email a jpg of your entry to Barbara Stevens (subject Monthly challenge) and let her know the title of your picture and the medium.

Please follow the guidelines for creating a .jpg shown on the Resources page.  Barbara is happy to resize/rename files if anyone has any problems.