Winter exhibition

13th to 18th December

Photos of our exhibition at Denbies, August 2021

Photos taken at our exhibition at Denbies, August 2020

Our late summer exhibition at Denbies in 2019

Morden Hall early summer exhibition 2019

If you would like information about any of our exhibitions, please email the secretary.

If you would like an email reminder when our exhibitions are happening, please complete the Contact us form.

Exhibition criteria

  1. Please complete your submission form before you arrive at an exhibition.
  2. Please ensure that you have the correct hanging fee money for the Treasurer.
  3. Please ensure that there is an official Epsom and Ewell Art Club card on every picture.  Complete these cards before handing-in day.  The cards are available at the evening meetings.
  4. Please ensure that your pictures conform to the presentation standards set out below.
  5. Be aware that the hanging committee can refuse your picture.  Their decision is final.  Reasons for refusal could be:
    * framing not up to standard
    * pictures not up to a reasonable standard
    * inappropriate subject.
  6. Please hand your pictures to one of the official hangers; only official hangers will hang pictures.
  7. Please do not make any private agreements with a prospective purchaser.  You may not hold a picture for a prospective purchaser unless a deposit of 25% or more is paid.  You may not agree a different price to the one displayed.
  8. Every member who displays at an exhibition is obliged to steward for two sessions.
  9. Please read the steward’s instructions – they are there to help you.

Presentation of paintings for exhibitions

Framed paintings
When you submit a framed painting to be hung at one of our exhibitions, the hanging committee will be more interested in the back than the front.  If your framing doesn’t meet their standards, you will need to correct what’s wrong before re-submitting it.  These guidelines will help you get the presentation right first time.

  1. Frames should be in good condition, with good mitres.
  2. We recommend that you don’t use non-reflective glass as it tends to make the pictures look a bit dull.
  3. Use thick cardboard or hardboard for the backing board.
  4. Make sure that your painting and backing board (and glass if used) are firmly held in place in the frame with clips or glazier’s diamonds.
  5. Use gum strip or framers self-adhesive tape to seal the backing board.
  6. Screw D rings approximately 1/3rd of the way down the side of the frame or box canvas.  Tie nylon cord taut between them.
  7. If your frame is narrow, you can fix the D rings to the backing board using special rivets.

Paintings for the browser

  1. All paintings for the browser must be covered neatly in cellophane.
  2. Stick a label on the front top left-hand corner (or on the back) with the painting number, your name, painting title and price.