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Meetings are at 7.30 pm at Bourne Hall in either the Azalea Room or the Camelia room. Visitors are welcome at £6 per person per visit. The cost for members is £2. Tea and coffee are provided – free if you bring your mug, 50p for a paper cup.

14 Sep

Demo – Painting animals with pastels

28 Sep

Gabriel Channon

BH, Camelia

Talk – Portrait painting through the ages. Gabriel will talk about how portraiture changes from flattery of the powerful to searching for personality and self-inquiry, with many illustrations from renaissance to modern times.

Gabriel is a social researcher and writer. He analyses government policy on community development. From 2015-20 he ran a local theatre company, the Rattlenroll Players and produced and toured his own plays. He delivers talks on various aspects of art history such as Renaissance painting and the emergence of landscape. His talk on portraiture is a new compilation.

5 Oct

Rosie Casseldon

BH, Camelia

Workshop, painting with textures. Rosie will provide all materials.

12 Oct

Debbie Hinks

BH, Camelia

Demo – Portrait, Pastels

Debbie is an illustrator, concentrating on figurative images.  She works as a full-time artist and tutor, enjoying teaching in person and online, often painting a live model. Debbie is equally happy working in pastel, acrylic, watercolour or ink. She can complete a portrait in an hour,  working live, pushing the boundaries of colour in skin tone, adding to the challenge. Debbie runs weekly life-drawing classes near Brighton, and leads painting holidays

19 Oct

Mark Warner

BH, Camelia

Demo – Landscape – acrylic

Mark is an experienced artist and tutor based in Shropshire. Sketching is at the heart of his work. It is integral to the development of a piece, sometimes forming part of the painting itself. He draws inspiration from the landscape and adores using colour while interpreting the light, contrast, weather and a love of the materials.

9 Nov

Emil Nikolla

BH, Camelia

Demo – portrait of a live model in acrylic and oils

Emil is an art teacher and has been runner up on Sky Portrait Artist of the year. 

16 Nov

Keith Moreton

BH, Camelia

Demo – portrait in acrylic

30 Nov

Dave Tribe

BH, Camelia

Dave will host an informative and fun art criticism – an opportunity to receive feedback about something you may be working on for our exhibition.

7 Dec

Alison Carlier

BH, Camelia


11 Jan

Sharon Hurst

BH, Camelia

Fantasy – Mixed media

You may recognise Sharon from her TV appearances with HOCHANDA and The Painting and Drawing Channels. She is a product demonstrator for The Craft Channel and has published a book with Search Press, How to Draw Unicorns. Sharon specialises in the art of layering colours and glazing techniques, across a range of fantasy-based subjects. She works with watercolours, Kuretake Pens, Silk painting and Magic Sponge with Masking fluid. She says: “In an evening we can tackle realistic glowing skin tones, feathers, leather, dragon scales and ethereal wings, achieving a depth of colour normally seen only with acrylics or oils. Please pack your imagination and bring it along with you for a couple of hours of sheer, unadulterated escapism.”

Previous month’s and year’s programmes are available from our publicity secretary.

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