Dave Tribe


I am a reasonably successful local amateur oil painter who has sold over 150 works in the past 10 years.
This is in spite of having little imagination and being intimidated by a blank sheet of paper!
However, (probably because of my engineering background) I am blessed with a good understanding of perspective, a feel for pleasing composition and a keen eye enabling me to copy accurately from real life or photographs.
I have painted most subjects but have a preference for urban landscapes and have developed a feeling of ‘ownership’ of the many corners of London I have painted over the years because I have observed them in so much detail.
Having acknowledged my own limitations, I have a very catholic taste in art, and like and admire a huge variety of work that I could never produce myself – however hard I tried.
I paint in oils because of their flexibility and durability.
Unlike some artists; I am an extrovert and love discussing artists, painting and paintings (often too honestly and loudly for some people’s taste). I also enjoy having spectators when I’m working.
I believe that all of us have some artistic skill, and actively encourage everyone to look at art and then, at least produce something of their own to pin onto a wall for others to see.
I am an active member of a local art club, and also help to run an ‘art as therapy’ group for those with mental health problems.
As I’m an atheist, I think that my ‘eternal life’ will last as long as any traces of my DNA remain in a thumbprint on any work of mine which still hangs on someone’s wall.
Remember – “A picture lasts a lot longer than a pie; so, painting is much better use of time than cooking”.

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