Malcolm Beakhust

After taking art O level I did not pick up a paint brush again for over 55 years until 2018 when I decided I wanted to have a go at watercolour painting.  My mother had been a keen painter and member of this group for several years so, perhaps it’s in the blood.

My success rate is a bit hit and miss and I am still very much feeling my way, although I tend towards attempting a degree of realism rather than the loose style preferred by many watercolour artists.  This may be due to a lifetime in engineering I suspect.

I belong to several Facebook groups and attend a class at Stoneleigh Library which, up to now have provided me with the inspiration and encouragement to continue working at trying to improve.  Having joined Epsom and Ewell Art Group in August 2019, I hope to improve still further.

Improve or not, I do believe painting is a habit that is impossible to kick.

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