Monthly challenge August 2021

Our challenge for August was a Surreal or fantasy scene and the winner is Malcolm Beakhust with his painting Climbing the Foothills. In second place is Colin Garrod, and in joint third place are John Lucking and Linda Shobbrook. Many congratulations to all.

The winning picture

2: Climbing the Foothills / Medium: Watercolour / Malcolm Beakhust

Second place

9: What Eye Sea / Medium: Oil / Coin Garrod

Joint third place

8: Blue Planet / Medium: Pen and ink / John Lucking
10: A sting in the tail / Medium: Ink / Linda Shobbrook


1: If you go down to the woods today…/ Medium: Oil / Dave Tribe
3: Columbine lost / Medium: Acrylic / John Fury
4: Monster of the deep / Medium: Marbling paint / Barbara Stevens
5: Ice Maiden / Medium: Watercolour / Barbara Reilly
6: The Horse from the Sea / Medium: Acrylic / Richard Seymour
7: Venetian Fantasy / Medium: Watercolour / Louise Schenck
11: The Winged Horse / Medium: Watercolour / Gina Grimwood

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