Monthly challenge July 2020

The votes for July’s challenge have been counted and the winner is Gillian Hein with her painting Egyptian market in pen and watercolour. In second place is Peter Rossington with his oil painting, Early morning, Westfield Road.  Four artists shared 3rd place – Tony Devivo, Margaret Eggleton, John Lucking and Barbara Stevens. Many congratulations to all.

The winning painting:

Challenge_Egyptian market
13: Egyptian market / Medium: Pen & watercolour / Gillian Hein

Second place:

Challenge_Early morning, Westfield Road
8: Early morning, Westfield Road / Medium: Oil / Peter Rossington

Joint third place:

Challenge_Rome backstreet
10: Rome backstreet / Medium: Acrylic / Tony Devivo
Challenge_ Wordsworth Street, Hawkshead
15: Wordsworth Street, Hawkshead / Medium: Ink & watercolour /
Margaret Eggleton
Challenge_Bellagio Street Scene
11: Bellagio Street Scene / Medium: Pen and ink / John Lucking
Challenge_Dedham High Street
2: Dedham High Street / Medium: Mixed media / Barbara Stevens


Challenge_Empty Chairs and Empty Tables, Islington
1: Empty Chairs and Empty Tables, Islington / Medium: Oil / Dave Tribe
Challenge_Eltham, SE London
3: Eltham, SE London / Medium: Acrylic / John Fury
Challenge_Quiet street in Constable Country
4: Quiet street in Constable Country / Medium: Watercolour / Gina Grimwood
5: Carnival / Medium: Oil / Barbara Reilly
Challenge_Singin' in the Rain
6: Singin’ in the Rain / Medium: Acrylic / Colin Garrod
Challenge_Reflections of London
7: Reflections of London / Medium: Pen and ink / Liz Hammond
Challenge_Street scene, Hastings
9: Street scene, Hastings / Medium: Acrylic & oil /Bev Lourenco
Challenge_Waiting for the boys
12: Waiting for the boys / Medium: Acrylic / Richard Seymour
Challenge_Dubrovnik from the city wall
14: Dubrovnik from the city wall / Medium: Watercolour/newsprint / Linda Shobbrook


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