Monthly challenge June 2020

Our challenge for June was a View out of a window, and the winner is Barbara Stevens with her painting Time for a catch up. Ed Hilton (Sash window) and Gina Grimwood (The house opposite) came joint second, and Dave Tribe, Richard Seymour and Colin Garrod shared third place.  Many congratulations to all and many thanks to everyone who submitted a picture.

The winning picture:

Challenge_Time for a catch up
6: Time for a catch up / Medium: Acrylic / Barbara Stevens

Second place:

Challenge_Sash window
1: Sash window / Medium: Woodblock print / Ed Hilton
Challenge_The house opposite
5: The house opposite / Medium: Watercolour / Gina Grimwood

Third place:

Challenge_View from National Gallery
3: View from National Gallery / Medium: Oil / Dave Tribe
Challenge_A cloud of blue tits
9: A cloud of blue tits / Medium: Acrylic / Richard Seymour
Challenge_A touch of reflection
12: A touch of reflection / Medium: Oil / Colin Garrod




Challenge_Tulips from my window
2: Tulips from my window / Medium: Oil / Margaret Carter

Challenge_Earth seen through a window from space

4: Earth seen through a window from space / Medium: Watercolour & acrylic / Joy Crouch

Challenge_View from a window
7: View from a window / Medium: Watercolour / Liz Hammond
Challenge_Sunflower explosion
8: Sunflower explosion / Medium: Watercolour / Louise Schenck
Challenge_View from a garret
10: View from a garret / Medium: Oil / Peter Rossington
Challenge_Through the patio window
11: Through the patio window / Medium: Oil / Barbara Reilly
Challenge_Charterhouse Street
13: Charterhouse Street / Medium: Pen and ink / John Lucking
Challenge_Summer shadows - seen from my window
14: Summer shadows – seen from my window / Medium: Watercolour / Fiona Bates
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