Monthly challenge September 2020

Our challenge for September was Holiday, and we have two winners – Gillian Hein with her watercolour On the beach 2, and Barbara Stevens with her oil painting Sandcastles.  In 2nd place was Liz Hammond (Staycation), and Peter Rossington came 3rd (A day out, a holiday!).  Congratulations to all, and thank you to everyone who took part in the challenge.

Joint 1st place

Challenge_On the Beach 2
13: On the Beach 2 / Medium: Mixed media / Artist: Gillian Hein
3: Sandcastles / Medium: Oil / Artist: Barbara Stevens

Second place

2: Staycation / Medium: Oil and pen / Artist: Liz Hammond

Third place

Challenge_A day out, a holiday!
9: A day out, a holiday! / Medium: Oil / Artist: Peter Rossington


Challenge_Sunset Sri Lanka Feb 2020
1: Sunset Sri Lanka Feb 2020 / Medium: Oil / Artist: Dave Tribe
Challenge_View over a deserted Chesil Beach
4: View over a deserted Chesil Beach / Medium: Watercolour / Artist: Margaret Carter
Challenge_The Red Hut
5: The Red Hut / Medium: Acrylic / Artist: Joy Crouch
Challenge_Feet Up in Paradise
6: Feet Up in Paradise / Medium: Oil Colin Garrod
Challenge_Awayday At Bosham Mill Chichester
7: Awayday At Bosham Mill Chichester / Medium: Oil / Artist: Gina Grimwood
Challenge_Stormy Skies Over Bamburgh Castle
8: Stormy Skies Over Bamburgh Castle / Medium: Watercolour / Artist: Fiona Bates
10: Old Margate Pier with an Anthony Gormley / Medium: Oil / Artist: Maureen Jones
Challenge_On the Beach
11: On the Beach / Medium: Acrylic / Artist: Richard Seymour
Challenge_Looking back to San Francisco
12: Looking back to San Francisco / Medium: Watercolour / Artist: John Lucking
14 Towards Whitstable / Medium: Watercolour / Artist: Linda Shobbrook

Challenge_Roman Holiday 15: Roman Holiday / Medium: Oil / Artist: Carmine Tallo

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